With the Brother of the Christian Schools

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Letter of Affiliation to the Institute of the Brothers for all Consecrated Catechists.


Circular Letter ( Number 328 ) of the Superior General Brother Athanase Emile for the purpose of making known the Union, a Secular Institute.


Due to the initiative of some Brothers, the first Union headquarters come into existence in Peru and in Eritrea, together with a wide diffusion of the Adoration all over the world.


The Union's General President participates in the 42nd General Chapter of the Brothers.

The Chapter approves the following Recommendations:


Wide presentation in the Union in Bulletin 241.

A Brother Advisor, at different levels, is charged with the mission of fostering and maintaining the relationship between the two Institutes and of contributing to the formation of Catechists in the beginning phases of foundation at new sites.

A Mixed Commission of Brothers-Catechists at the level of the Region of Italy coordinates initiatives, especially in the realization of the Shared Mission always maintaining clear autonomy of the two Institutes.

The Union of Catechists is part of the Lassalian Family since its constitution.

From the Constitutions

6. Catechists recall the origin of the Union, which had the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools as its birthplace - they acknowledge having been formed, as Brother Teodoreto testifies, "according to the rules of life taken from the educational methods of our beloved Institute and from the thinking of our Holy Founder" - they acknowledge that "the Institute of the Brothers represent a stable rationale for the entire Union".